NEC Contract, Option A or C, Preamble to Activity Schedule, and Activity Schedule

Model Clause:

Preamble to Activity Schedule:

“The Tenderer may expand each principal activity into as many sub-activities as he wishes. Sub-activities need not be site construction activities; the various stages of design, the preparation of a health and safety plan, or making a down payment to a steel fabricator are all legitimate sub-activities.

With regard to the principal activity ‘Recovery & re-use of recycled and secondary aggregates’, the Tenderer may wish to consider the following sub-activities:

  • Production of materials management plan

  • Set up recycling plant

  • Run and demobilise recycling plant

  • Testing of recycled and secondary aggregates

  • Use of imported recycled and secondary aggregates

  • Use of in situ recycled and secondary aggregates”

Guidance on using this model clause:

In a NEC contract, where Option A or C is used, the above clause may be inserted in the Preamble to the Activity Schedule.

Example of Activity Schedule:

Activity No.DescriptionLump sum prices
for activites £
{insert No.}Recovery & re-use of recycled
and secondary aggregates