Management and Staff Responsibilities

At every level within your organisation, whichever your activity, your staff is responsible for quality: from introducing the system, to supervising and monitoring it, to implementing it on a day-to-day basis.

It is good practice, and will help in satisfying the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Standard, to clarify management and staff responsibilities in a specific section of your Quality Manual, as exemplified in the QM Outline - Section 1: Management and staff responsibilities (6 kb) [pdf].

Please note that responsibilities should also be identified for every procedure put in place. Please refer to the Quality Management Tool to see how to implement this good practice in the production of aggregates from waste.

Management Responsibilities

Management has the ultimate responsibility for introducing and maintaining the QMS, starting with:

  • Defining the quality policy and objectives of the business
  • Providing for these principles to be introduced and communicated to all employees, so that all members of staff are aware of the importance of their role in achieving quality objectives within the organisation.
  • Reviewing the QMS periodically to verify that it ensures adequate performance of the processes it regulates (e.g.: products meet required standards/customer expectations).

Operational Staff Responsibilities

Operational members of staff are responsible for the day to day implementation of the QMS in their working practices. Employees should be kept fully informed of their tasks for each relevant stage of the process they are involved in. The Quality Management Tool helps you in guaranteeing that staff responsibilities are set out and communicated clearly.