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  • European Standards
    Find out more information on the recently introduced BS EN Standards for Aggregates
  • All the Quality Protocols
    Update on all the Quality Protocols from the Environment Agency including Flat Glass, Gypsum and PFA.

Aggregate Quality Protocols

The Purpose of a Quality Protocol

The Quality Protocol Project was a joint project between WRAP, the Environment Agency, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. They are considered a number of waste products with the view to producing a Quality Protocol. The purpose of a Quality Protocol is to provide a uniform control process for producers, from which they can reasonably state and demonstrate that their product has been fully recovered and is no longer a waste. It also provides purchasers with a quality-managed product to common standards, which increases confidence in performance. Also, the framework created by the Protocol provides a clear audit trail for those responsible for ensuring compliance with Waste Management Legislation.

Aggregate Quality Protocols

The Quality Protocol for the Production of Aggregates from Inert Waste was first published in 2004.  It deals with the production of aggregates from inert construction, demolition and excavation waste. It had now been reviewed to ensure it is up-to-date with changes in standards and EU Legislation. The new version is available for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is now titled;

Quality Protocol: Aggregates from inert waste. End of Waste Criteria for the production of aggregates from inert waste

Quality Protocols have been developed for other materials that can be used as aggregates . The Quality Protocol for the use of Pulverised Fuel Ash and Furnace Bottom Ash in bound applications was published in October 2010 and a Quality Protocol for use in unbound applications is being explored. The Quality Protocol for tyre-derived rubber materials has been published and work is taking place on Protocols for Incinerator Bottom Ash and Steel Slag.  Blast Furnace Slag (BFS) is classifed as a by-product and can be used as an aggregate without any waste management control. 

Checklists and Guidance

To complement the first version of the Quality Protocol on the Production of Aggregates from Inert Waste, WRAP published two sets of checklists and guidance documents. These documents helped those producing and procuring recycled aggregates to ensure compliance with the Quality Protocol for Aggregates.

The Environment Agency, through its EQual Project, has developed an web based Quality Protocol Checker that goes through a similar checklist procedure to assist both producers and purchasers ensure that recycled aggregates are compliant with the Quality Protocol. 

Zero Waste Scotland Directory

Zero Waste Scotland have produced a directory of recycled aggregate producers which comply with the existing Quality Protocol for Aggregates. Producers are evaluated using the checklists before being accepted into the directory.

The new version of the aggregates Quality Protocol is not approved for use in Scotland and the existing version will continue to apply and should be used in the context of SEPA’s guidance on recycled aggregates.  

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